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Kids learning

First of all learning rather than educating, because education (latin "educare": "e" meaning "from/out of" and "ducare" from "ducere", meaning "to conduct" or "to lead") has both a moral value and an indoctrination purpose. The moral value is based on the concept that humanity is naturally inclined to the bad side, so you need to literally "take it out", bootstrap it. Indoctrinating, because you supposedly need to "lead" (like you would do with a flock of animals) anyone that would otherwise go wild and dispersed. In short: to educate is a parents' job, to learn is a personal duty.

The Open Source concept works obviously for any learning purpose. Right now the feeling is that what ever one wants to learn (or do), one needs always to start from scratch, and pay for any knowledge. This is deeply wrong, but is based on the current asset of values the society has been put into.

A good example that I am currently experimenting with, is Moodle. A LMS (Learning Management System) that can host any kind of course, can be self-hosted, is Open Source and free.

More to come!