Open Source means that anyone can verify, understand and use the "foundational elements" of a project. It does not apply only to computers and software, but also to "real things", and what is more real than our own body and our health?

What if there was a way to interact with our body, spot the problems and help out, that could be easily understood and replicated? What if this could be learned and done by anyone, for free, even working on ourselves?

Welcome to Paidalajin, what I like to define as "The Open Source Approach to Health".

Hongchi Xiao is a Chinese researcher that got inspired by its own Chinese traditional medicine in its various forms (among others Acupuncture and Acupressure etc) for synthetising a slighly different approach, based on slapping (Paida) and stretching (Lajin) to work on the different important energy points of our body, and release the blockages, exacly as other therapies do (shiatsu massage and foot reflexology).

Here though, no expansive courses or therapies are needed, and once acquired, the technique can be easily replicated and implemented by anyone.


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