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"Holo" is an Open Source Composition. Good headphones are recommended for the best listening experience.

For a while I thought about how to create a donut-like musical form. The listener (agent, active part of the composition) will get 2 musical lines played by 2 different instruments, starting at the front, at the level of their head.

The 2 "points" will spin slowly, spiraling around with a slight time-shift (forming a double coil, or in fact a toroid, thus a closed loop).

This will proceed in 3D all the way around, first going down on the left side, passing behind while rising, up to the top right and back to the starting point.

This is the representation of the 2 membranes the "holo" is made of, one interfacing with the “agent” (listener) and the other interfacing with the external world (universe).

Under all this, a very low frequency "drone"-like sound pattern ("drone" meaning "sound-pad") will follow along, accompanying the spiral exactly as the universal energy pervades everything.

A choir from far away, slowly orbiting around at the same speed as the 2 forming lines, represents the other agents, the entities in dialog with each other.