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Bullshit detector

It can be quite challenging nowadays to distinguish between truth, half-truths, half-lies, lies, disinformation and misinformation.

At first the internet was sold as a mean to put everything ad disposition of anyone, easily accessible with a little bit of research, but it doesn't take long to understand that nothing could be further from this. And in fact the whole concept is quite deceiving.

From Covid to the medical industry, from climate change to alleged overpopulation, from scarcity of resources to lack of place, from the nature and availability of energy to the very shape and nature of the place we live in (including the lights above and what may be beyond them, as well as what there is beyond the limits as they are sold to us), from our history to other forms of intelligent life, there is more to be discovered - or uncovered - than to be given for granted.

So far, and to name some points:

  • the scientific method has been replaced with a sort of cult or religion (scientism) where priests wear white coats and there's no place for discussion
  • many definitions have been changed to match the narrative: "virus" means poison, but it suddenly became a (never properly isolated and allegedly self-replicating) organism; "vaccine" became an "operative systems" and so on
  • CO2 is now at lower levels compared to the past, but  it is treated as a pollutant, despite being in fact needed by the vegetation to thrive. We are carbon based life forms
  • there is a lot of free and unused space and there are more than enough resources for anybody to live in peace and harmony for a very long time
  • space agencies are showing ridiculous computer generated images (CGI) instead of pictures and they are a scam and a cover up operation since their creation, no matter what country they refer
  • we don't live on a ball juggling in space, a lot of the "official theories" are mathematical flights of fancy that work by themselves, but don't explain anything
  • there are clear agendas and plans beyond any nation or government, from health to energy, from economy to personal sovereignty, without forgetting wars and migratory movements
  • the Noahide laws, a set of 7 laws present in the Talmud, are being pushed into international law systems, mostly in sneaky ways. Those laws don't apply to anyone (exept those following the Talmud) and no one can and will impose them on anyone else