Are vaccines doing what is being claimed?

By admission of their creators (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-Biontech), as well as the governments and several members of the Bill Gates co-funded World Health Organisation, the COVID-19 vaccines have the aim to reduce the symptoms, but have nothing to do with the containment of the alleged SARS-CoV2 "virus" (that's also why they are not called SARS-CoV2 vaccines!) or any immunity. They said already clearly that even after the vaccination campaigns, social distancing, masks and self imprisonment with travel restrictions will still be illegitimately enforced on the entire world population.

Even if the alleged SARS-CoV2 "virus" existed, why to ever enforce a "vaccine" for a "virus" that has more than 99% of survival rates even following the official data, even for the elderly people?

There are very founded concerns about many of the ingredients of the vaccines compromising fertility, and causing violent immune, auto-immune and allergic reactions, apart from being unethical (cells coming from humans - aborted feti - and animals) and modifying our DNA through the RNA messenger mechanism the vaccines are based on.

Australia has already stopped the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine because there are people resulting positive to HIV tests after the shot. Cases of death, severe paralysis and anaphylactic shocks are also widely documented.

Last but not least
  • Forcing experimental and untested medications - in this case vaccines - violates the Nuremberg Code, despite what some alleged and self proclaimed "fact checkers" say. No matter if special emergency concessions are used to enforce them.
  • The pharmaceutical corporations involved in the production of COVID-19 have been already granted total legal immunity for any consequence that may derive from the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Patents and disputes about these kind of vaccines are around since 2006, and Bill Gates is personally involved economically in all these operations and at the same time he is financing and influencing the World Health Organisation (and the governments), with obvious conflicts of interests that should not be that hard to spot, to say the least.


"Vaccines are not safe, they do not keep you from getting sick,
and they definitely do cause harm"

Dr. Simone Gold on Covid-19 Experimental Vaccines

Vaccines, AI and Transhumanism - Dr. Carrie Madej

"If silence is consent, acquiescing is collaboration".